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Inauguration of the 37th Administrator of PPS
Writer : 신지형 Read : 231 Date : 2022-05-17 11:04:58

The newly inaugurated PPS Administrator put an emphasis on reflection and innovation in public procurement


Mr. Lee Jong-wook started his duty as the 37th Administrator of PPS after the inauguration ceremony at the main auditorium of the Daejeon Government Complex.  

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On May 13, 2022, the 37th Administrator of PPS delivered his inauguration remarks, stating “PPS needs to take the lead in reflection and innovation for greater public procurement” at the Daejeon Government Complex. 

Administrator Lee said in his remarks, “PPS needs to take the lead in reflection and innovation for greater public procurement.”

He also stressed reinforcing strategic procurement, leading dynamic and  innovative growth through public procurement, strengthening responses to supply chain disruptions, establishing procurement platforms and ecosystems centered on intelligence information.


Administrator Lee said, “As a new PPS member, I will do endeavor to further extend the achievements made so far by PPS officials”


Administrator Lee has been widely recognized for broad economic and administrative insights with ample work experiences he accumulated working for the Ministry of Economy and Finance(MOEF) of the ROK as the director-general for the Treasury Bureau and for the Future and Social Economy. He also served as the secretary-general for the National Economic Advisory Council and deputy-minister for the Planning and Coordination Office of MOEF.