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Bid Information

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You can view international bid invitations all Korean public agencies' on KONEPS(Korea ON-line E-Procurement System: www.koneps.go.kr/) with the effect of the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement(GPA).Some documents are in the format of hwp (please download its viewer at www.hancom.co.kr/downLoad.downView.do. Some of English translated bid notices can be viewed below:

Search Help

  1. 01To search tender notices on certain commodities (the list of bids for a certain commodity (or agency), please type in the date and the name of commodity (or agency)
  2. 02If you do not know the exact name of the commodity(or agency), enter a keyword or a keyword with* (e.g. keyword*).
  3. 03If you know the invitation number, enter the number for that particular bid information.
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